The present age

Amane Tatsumura

NISHIKI Traditional Textile Artist(4th generation)/ Calligraphy, seal engraving, pottery artist.

Born in 1974, currently based in Kyoto. Japan.

Tokyo Zokei University graduated.

Representative of KOHO, NISHIKI textile studio established in 1894.

KOHO TATSUMURA Co.,ltd./President(2012~).

Japan Traditional Textile Foundation/President(2019~)

DoshishaUniversity/ Project subject a part time lecturer (2010~)

The Society for Science of Culture and History/director(2015~)

Certified as “Future Master” by Kyoto City(2018)

Great grand father : Heizo TatsumuraⅠ

Grand father : Heizo TatsumuraⅡ

Father : Koho Tatsumura


2007 “Kaga Yuzen and Nishiki of Kyoto” Nancy ,France

2009 “KOHO Textile of Light” Kyushu National Museum

2010 “Amane Tatsumura-Nishiki Traditional Textile” Shoeido Gallery

2011 “Amane Tatsumura-Nishiki Traditional Textile”Ginza Gallery Azuma

2011 “Tokino Okurimono” Kyoto University of art and design

“Tokino Okurimono” Gucci Ginza Gallery

2016 “Amane Tatsumura—Weaving leaf” Fukujuen Gallery

“Amane Tatsumura—Weaving leaf”Ginza Gallery Azuma

“NISHIKI Beauty and Light-Koho Textile Art” Meiji kinenkan

2017 “Amane Tatsumura” Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum


Symposium and Lecture

2011 “Tokino Okurimono” Symposium at Kyoto University of art and design

2011 “Traditional New Age”Symposium at Kyoto Simbum Culture Hall

2013 “Beauty of Nishiki” Lecture at Princeton University

“Beauty of Nishiki” Lecture at Berklee College of Music

2016 “The Beauty of Nishiki” Japan Brand program India (New Delhi, Varanasi) Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan,

2017 “The Art of Nishiki Weaving in Japan. Preservation and Restoration of Yarn Dyed Textiles” The Japan Society of UK(London)

2019 「錦」Research and restoration for Asian traditional “NISHIKI” at National Palace Museum,Taipei



”Brocade with Receptitive Motif of Peonies and Arabesque on a Red Back ground”by the Japan Traditional Textiles Preservation Institute,the 14th century fabric.(2004)

Textile Cultural Program Produce(2011~)

・Textile Culture Salon

・Weaving workshop

・Weaving tall loom workshop

・Nishiki Textile accessory making workshop

the third


Japanese traditional textile artist

the first

Heizo Tatsumura

the second

Heizo Tatsumura


1894年    Heizo Tatsumura (pseudonym: Koha),(Amane Tatsumura's great grandfather) inaugurated the weaving business.

1905年    Ken Tatsumura( Heizo Tatsumura II, (pseudonym: Kosho) (Amane’s grandfather) was born as the second son of                   first Heizo.

1924年 Heizo started the study of imperial treasure of the Shoso-in by commission of the Tokyo Imperial Museum.

1938年 Heizo II (pseudonym: Kosho) founded the Tatsumura Textile Art Institute.

               Ken won the Grand Prize at the Paris World Exposition and the Berlin World manual industry Exposition.

1946年 Jun Tatsumura (pseudonym: Koho) was born in Takarazuka City,

               Hyogo Prefecture, the third son of Heizo II .

1966年 Ken succeeded to “Tatsumura Heizo” as the second generation.(1966)

1971年 Koho began to work for the Exhibition Section of the Arts Department of the Japan Foundation.

1974年 Amane Tatsumura (graduate of Tokyo Zokei University) was born in Tokyo, as the first son of Koho.

1976年 Tatsumura Heizo Textile Art Institute Co., Ltd. was established and was inaugurated a president.

1982年 Changed the company name to TATSUMURA KOHO CO., LTD.

1994年 The Japan Traditional Textiles Preservation Institute was established and Koho Tatsumura became the chief                         director.

2000年 Koho received the Award for Promotion of Japanese Art and Culture(Division of Traditional Art) from the Japan 

               Art Foundation.

2002年 Koho received the "Zenzeikyo Regional Culture Award " from the Regional Culture Award Tax Accountant's                           Foundation.

2011年 Japan traditional textile foundation was established and Koho was inaugurated a president.

2012年 Amane was inaugurated a president of TATSUMURA KOHO CO., LTD.

2018年 Amane received Kyoto City Traditional Industry “Future Masters (Nishijin-ori)” certification

2019年 Amane was inaugurated a president of Japan traditional textile foundation

NISHIKI Textile Representative Works

"Harmonious Gathering" ,the Ministry of Finance for the Mita House

in conjunction with the Tokyo Summit held there.

"The Isuzu River" (table center) for the completion of the Ise Shrine's


"Graceful Pine Tree" for the Crown Princess' trousseau.

"Inland Sea of Seto”, the Crown Prince’s Palace. Tokyo.

"The Elegance of Tempyo" ,the Kioi Hall of the Nippon Steel Corporation.

"Stripe Gradation", The Kyoto State Guest house.

"Phoenix" and "Five Elements," etc, the Yamanote Club of the Chichibu

Onoda Cement Corporation.

NISHIKI textile congratulatory gifts

“Ginko Leaves above the Waves ,Silk Damask” Urasenke Iemoto’s favorite pattern(tea ceremony)

“Ueda-giri-kinran(Ueda Paulownia:gold brocade)” Ueda-soukoryu Iemoto’s favorite pattern(tea ceremony)

“Spring and Autumn Waves” Japan Foundation

“Floral Patterns of Blooming Sakura on Nishiki” Kyoto University,

The silk stole to commemorate doctor and master's graduation

“Wave of Fertility”(table center) for the 2003 Toyota World Convention

“Cherry blossoms(Gyoikou) on Nishiki”

Treasure from Ninna-ji temple and Omuro Exhibition ,Tokyo National Museum


2000 Lahti art museum in Finland

2003 The Centre of Japanese Art & Technology“Manggha”National Museum in Cracow,Poland

2003 The Museum of Applied Arts in Hungary

2004 The Japan Cultural Institute in Rome

2004 The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris